With the invention of the printing press in 1450 by mr. Gutenberg, printed words of wisdom could be spread at a tremendously increased speed. In our 21st age with Internet and Amazon, the speed is still increasing but quality is falling off a cliff. Let TYM sift through it for you.

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Not quite books but here is a -by no means complete- list of some of the most influential articles

Who’s got the monkey?

MonkeyThis 1974 classic by William Oncken succinctly analyses one of the most common interactions by managers and their subordinates: the assignment and completion of work. Even though your boss has now had 40 years to read it, it must be still be in his inbox.

Completed staff work

TYM first saw this as a copy from a copy from a copy, and one of these versions had received a generous dosis of coffee. And the original was written by a typewriter?! The previous article is 40 years old- one can only imagine how old this one is! Nonetheless, the brief article very clearly explains what is required from staff work. When I found this scan of the typed original, I couldn’t resist, so download it in it’s full 20th century glory!

Unskilled and unaware of it

TYM is inclined to start all article summaries with “this one is really important”, but that simply is because they all are. A more scientific article but don’t let that scare you. The paper demonstrates that people do not know how good or bad they are in any particular subject. Read that sentence again please. You, your boss, your peers, nobody knows how good they are. People behaviour is steered however by how good they think they are… but … didn’t we just find out that they don’t know…? Exactly! Powerful stuff. Read the article.